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Q) How much does it cost to ship a book to someone in the USA?
A) We use USPS Media Mail for domestic shipping in most cases. We charge $5 for the first book and $.50 for each additional book. Media mail can take 6-10 business days depending on where you live. If you’d like your book faster, you can choose FedEx or UPS Ground, which is $12 for the first book and $1.00 for each additional book. UPS Ground typically takes 2-3 days (although for Austin area residents, it is often next day). 


Q) What if I’m ordering something other than a book?
A) If you order other merchandise, like a coffee mug or BookPeople T-shirt, these items cannot ship via media mail (that’s against USPS rules). For these items you can only ship via FedEx or UPS.


Q) Is there a limit to the number of books I can have shipped?
A) We’ll ship as many books to you as you like. However, due to the laws of physics, we can typically only pack so many books in a box. So with that in mind, if your order requires more than one box, we will contact you via email to arrange for the additional shipping fee. If this is an international shipment there are additional restrictions. Please see our International Shipping Information Page for more information.


Q) I received my book in the mail, but it was damaged. Can I get a replacement?
A) We take great care in packing and shipping our books to you! Once we send your package on its way, however, we have no control over how it's handled. If your package arrives damaged, we will do our best to replace the item(s) affected. If the damaged book is a signed book, we will replace it with another signed copy if we have any left in stock. If no additional signed copies are available, you may choose to send it back for a refund, or forego the refund and keep the book. Please contact us at e-orders (at) bookpeople (dot) com to discuss the process for returning a damaged book.


Q) Can I track my shipments?
A) Yes! USPS & UPS provide tracking information for all our domestic shipments. If you’d like your tracking information just email e-orders (at) bookpeople (dot) com. 


Q) Do you ship internationally? If so, how much does it cost?
A) Yes! We ship all over the world. You have two options with international shipping, which you will see once you click the "Calculate Shipping" button on the checkout page. USPS 1st Class International is $25 for the first book and $2 for each additional book. You can use 1st Class International for packages up to 4lbs (typically, 2 hardcover books or 4 paperback books will put you around this limit). Above 4 lbs requires USPS Priority International, which is $45 for the first book and $2 for each additional book. You can choose Priority International even if your package is under 4 lbs and you just want to get your books faster. 
Please see our International Shipping Information Page for more information.


Q) What if I don’t see my country on your Countries list?
A) There may be some special circumstance regarding shipping or billing to that country, or this may be the first time someone has ordered from that country and so we have not added it to the list yet. We can often make arrangements to work with you, just email e-orders (at) bookpeople (dot) com to discuss your options. Unfortunately, packages are unable to be ordered to be delivered to EU countries due to a new VAT (value-added tax) on books. More information regarding International shipping can be found on our International Shipping Information Page.


Q) Why can’t you track international shipments through to delivery?
A) We can track your package using the customs number on your customs form until it leaves our country and is delivered to your country’s customs office. At that point, your package is handed off to your local mail carrier and we no longer have access to its progress or delivery information.


page updated: 11/9/2021