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Gift Card and e-Gift Code FAQs

The following are common questions that come up about BookPeople e-Gift Codes and physical BookPeople Gift Cards.

Q: What is a BookPeople e-Gift Code?

A: A BookPeople e-Gift Code is a 16 digit code that can be used to purchase items on www.bookpeople.com as a form of payment.

Q: What's the difference between a BookPeople e-Gift Code and a physical BookPeople gift card?

A: A BookPeople e-Gift Code is a 16 digit code that can be redeemed for a set value on our website and they are emailed to your recipient. BookPeople's regular gift cards are physical gift cards that can be redeemed for a set value in our store, and on our website, using a code printed on the back of the card. Physical gift cards must be physically mailed to the recipient or picked up in the bookstore, whereas e-Gift Codes are emailed.

Q: How do I send a BookPeople e-Gift Code? Does my recipient get sent an email automatically?

A: To send a BookPeople e-Gift Code, go to this page and fill out the amount you want the e-Gift Code for, your recipient's email address, and any message you would like to include (including your name!). You will then submit payment information through the check-out process. Once a bookseller processes your order and marks it "Complete," your BookPeople e-Gift Code, with your message, will be emailed to your recipient.

Q: How does my recipient redeem a BookPeople e-Gift Code/How do I redeem a BookPeople e-Gift Code?

A: Any recipient of a BookPeople e-Gift Code will receive an email with the amount of the gift card and the e-Gift Code number in bold. When checking out on our website, under "Payment Method" select "e-Gift Code (16 digit code)" and enter the e-Gift Code number under "Online Gift Code”. You will need to check "Check Gift Code Balance to Continue" to process your order. 

Q: What if my e-Gift Code doesn't cover the cost of my entire order?

A: No worries! If your e-Gift Code balance does not cover the total cost of your order, you'll be prompted to enter a credit or debit card number immediately, to cover the rest of the order.

Q: Can I use more than one e-Gift Code on a single order?

A: You can use up to two e-Gift Codes on any single online order. Please enter both e-Gift Code numbers in the "Online Only Gift Code" box on the check screen, with a comma separating each number.

Q: What if I have money left over on my BookPeople e-Gift Code after I submit an order?

A: If you submit an online order using your BookPeople e-Gift Code, and you still have a balance left, you can absolutely use it on a future online order - simply save the e-Gift Code number to be used at a later date.

Q: Can I save my e-Gift Code to my account on your website, to be used at a later date?

A: We do not have an option at this time to save e-Gift Code numbers to specific accounts, but we are working on it! Please in the meantime just hold onto your e-Gift Code until you are able to use it's full balance.

Q: I've lost my e-Gift Code number; how can I retrieve it?

A: If you still have a balance on your e-Gift Code, but have lost the e-Gift Code number, please email e-orders@bookpeople.com, and include the e-mail address that the e-Gift Code was originally sent to, to help us look up your e-Gift Code.

Q: Can I use a BookPeople e-Gift Code over the phone or in the store?

A: Not at this time. For now, e-Gift Codes can only be used on bookpeople.com. If you would like to purchase and/or send a gift card that can be used in the store AND on our website, please purchase a physical gift card.

Q: What if I want to send a physical gift card that my recipient can use on your website?

A: No problem! If you would like a physical BookPeople gift card that can be used on our website, please purchase a Gift Card here, rather than a BookPeople e-Gift Code. Physical gift cards will have a number on the back that can be used at check-out to purchase items on our website, as well as being able to be redeemed in the bookstore.

Q: Where do I enter my e-Gift Code at checkout?

A: Select "E-Gift Code (16 digit code)" as your payment method & enter your e-Gift Code as in the following image:

eGift Code Checkout Screenshot Example

Q: Where do I enter my physical Gift Card number at checkout?

A: Select "Store Gift Card (GCD+5numbers)" as your payment method & enter your Gift Card number as in the following image:

Gift Card Checkout Screenshot Example