Pre-Paid In-store Pickup Details

BookPeople is no longer offering Curbside Pickup unless requested as outlined below. 
Pre-paid In-store Pickup and Mailout options ARE still available!

Thank you so much for your continued support!
Online orders will receive an email from once your order is ready for pickup.

Pre-paid Order Pick-Up FAQs:

Q. I placed an order for curbside pick up but I didn’t pick it up before the program ended. How do I pick up my order now?

A: All orders that were previously available for curbside pick up will be held behind the cashiers inside the bookstore. Enter the line for checkout at the front of the bookstore, and tell the cashier your full name, order number, and that you have a pre-paid internet order to pick up. 

Q. Can someone else pick up my order?

A: Absolutely! As long as the person has your full name and informs our cashiers that you have a pre-paid internet order, they can pick up your order. 

Q. What options are available for customers that still need a curbside pick-up service? 

A: If you require a bookseller to bring your order to your vehicle or bicycle in the parking lot, simply call the bookstore at (512) 472-5050. Let the bookseller know your name, phone number, that you have a pre-paid internet order you are picking up, a description of your vehicle and where you are parked in the lot. A bookseller will deliver the order to your vehicle ASAP. 

Q. Is BookPeople monitoring the current state of public health?

A: YES! The health of our booksellers and community of books are our priority. BookPeople monitors Austin Public Health's recommendations in order to make informed decisions about our business models. BookPeople will adjust as necessary, if and when public health officials recommend adjustments. We did it before, we can do it AGAIN!

Q: Need your purchase delivered by courier in town? 

A: Once you receive an email that your order is ready, use GETCHO APP to have it picked up from BookPeople and couriered to you, same day. Use promo code BOOKPEOPLE20 to get your first courier delivery for free!!



updated 3/28/2022