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Subversive Sponges [PG & R Rated Options]

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R-Rated Subversive Sponges
Detail of R-Rated Subversive Sponge designsPG-Rated Subversive SpongesDetail of PG-Rated Sponge designsGold frame for holding & displaying your sponge

Doing the dishes brings out the surly side in all of us. Show them how you really feel about tedious tasks with Fred's Subversive Sponges. Each set includes 4 unique embroidered poly sponges with a gold frame that stands on your countertop or suctions to your sink or tile.

Set of 4 sponges decorated with the following phrases:

  • "Not gonna wash themselves"
  • "Clean up your act"
  • "Dishes be damned"
  • And PG-Rated "Spotless Reputation" or R-Rated "Fuck Dish Shit"

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