Trust Fall #11 May 2017 - The Leavers

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Eugenia says "I devoured The Leavers in a matter of hours, desperate to know about the fate of Peilan—hoping that whatever happened that day when she disappeared from her son’s life, she had somehow found her way to safety, and maybe even happiness. I loved when the story shifted to Peilan’s perspective, so we could witness up close her sacrifices, her choices, and her undying desire for more. This is necessary storytelling that reminds me how much I do not know about cultures different from my own, about other countries and languages, and just how much I have yet to learn. Lisa Ko’s writing is beautiful, smart, and honest, and Peilan and Deming Guo will stay with me for a long, long time."

This box includes: 

  • signed, first edition of The Leavers
  • mixtape enamel pin
  • exclusive Q&A with Lisa Ko
  • Spring 2017 Algonquin reader


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