Trust Fall #15 - There There

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Our new Trust Fall box is here! We've chosen Tommy Orange's magnificent debut There There. Each box comes with a signed first edition of the book, an exclusive Q&A with Tommy, a letter about why we love the book, and a special gift item (or two). 

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About There There, Molly says, "An instant classic. Tommy Orange's debut novel weaves together the stories of 12 interlocking narrators, culminating in a shared experience at a powwow in Oakland. By presenting so many voices all tied by "Native" identity, Orange is able to tackle many of the misconceptions they must face about what that means about their places in the world, in history, and within their own very personal senses of self. This book is powered by Orange's urgency and focus on turning an unblinking eye towards the injustices waged upon Native people by White culture since the beginning of colonial America to the present day. By writing complex, unique, fully realized humans who must bear the weight of that heavy history while exploring issues of colonialism, identity, tradition, assimilation, stereotypes, violence, and family, he's crafted a remarkable novel that won't easily be forgotten."

Price: $39.95