Elena monta en bici

Elena monta en bici Cover
Primary Author: 
Medina, Juana
Other Authors: 
Medina, Juana
Binding Type: 
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, March 14, 2023
List price: $9.99

Beginning readers—and beginning riders—will be drawn to this bright, buoyant story of a determined elephant and her loyal sidekick, from the award-winning creator of Juana & Lucas.

¡Conoce a la valiente Elena y al pajarito rojo que la anima a no darse por vencida en este libro ideal para nuevos lectores!

Elena quiere montar en bici.
Empieza a montar, empieza a rodar.
Ella se mece y se bambolea ...
Elena, aprender a montar en bici es difícil.
Pero tú puedes lograrlo.
¡Inténtalo, inténtalo de nuevo!

With this reassuring story of childlike persistence, Juana Medina, creator of the acclaimed Juana & Lucas series, introduces Elena, a plucky elephant, and the little red bird who is Elena’s faithful cheerleader. Simple, energetic text and bold, brilliant artwork convey a relatable tale of the ups and downs of learning something new (not without protest or tears) and the final thrill of mastery that will have children rooting for Elena and ready for her next adventure.